[cvsnt] Betr.: Re: Betr.: Re: March-Hare message into my commit messages

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Mon Nov 10 12:56:08 GMT 2008

Gerhard wrote:

> I also don't know. One thing I observe though is that there are many,
> really many people who don't seem to know that (and how) CVSNT is
> different from CVS. Most online resources that compare version control
> systems seem to include CVS and SVN and others but not CVSNT (and if
> so, often only as a "sidekick" of CVS). 

That's a huge issue that we've often talked about, hence the way CM 
Server is an entirely different product.  OTOH that's a different 
audience.. it's bigger, more complex, *way* more powerful (we haven't 
even implemented many of the things the evs core is capable of yet) and 
hence a more complex install.


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