[cvsnt] Activity stopped on cvsnt-dev ng???

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Mon Nov 10 19:11:19 GMT 2008


> There seems to be no recent messages at all on the cvsnt-dev or
> evs-dev groups...
> Has activity moved elsewhere?

The office in Manchester...

We respond to questions posted on cvsnt-dev but most of our daily
chatter is done over the desk (or over the phone when I'm out of the

> I tried to update my old cvsnt sandbox but got an access denied using
> my account that used to allow commits when I was more active.
> Now it seems like I am not even allowed update access....

The box that runs cvs.cvsnt.org recently died and it looks like your
account was discarded in the resurrection process.  Can you e-mail me
privately your old username and I'll get you re-added today.



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