[cvsnt] Update with non-existing tag deletes sandbox files

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Nov 18 00:41:13 GMT 2008


>   This bug applies to CVSNT version 2.5.04 build 3236.
>   If a module is checked out or updated, with the -r option, (for
>   example: CVS up -r this-tag-does-not-exist mymodule) and the tag does
>   not exist (maybe because you missplelled it) CVS will report every
>   file in the module as "no longer in the repository" and DELETE the
>   file from the sandbox!
>   Previous releases of CVSNT - correctly - reports the non-existing tag
>   as, well - non-existing: "no such tag this-tag-does-not-exist".

To me the behaviour with 2.5.04 looks correct and the 2.5.03 behaviour 

What do other users think?




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