[cvsnt] CVSNT Setup on Debian

Fabio D'Alfonso fabio.dalfonso at fabiodalfonso.com
Wed Oct 8 14:11:16 BST 2008

(I resend because strangely it was not delivered, it seems) 

I am involved is a large software bug fixing project as repo man(anager) with cvs.

At this time we are using the stardard cvs on Debian  but I would migrate to cvsnt  on Debian (we are experincing some problem and also some dos client has problem for which I found there is some entry  on the web of assertion failed)

On a test box the setup of cvsnt was a matter of seconds but I see that the configuration is slightly different.

Please someone  could give some hint on how to configure the server using the PServer file. Also I would understand if there is some change in inetd.conf (apart the path of repos)?

We are using the pserver now and this good also in the future beacuase we have no cvs security issue (the whole  dev  network  is isolated in itself by policy).


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