[cvsnt] Is it possible to lock a user out of HEAD, but grant them full access to a branch?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Oct 9 09:47:02 BST 2008


> Not only do we receive an email from Fisheye reporting the new file
> added on the branch, but we also receive an email that reports the new
> file has been added on HEAD as well, although the file doesn't
> physically reside on HEAD at that point, only the branch.

Sounds like Fisheye is broken - the e-mail integration included in CVSNT
doesn't have that problem.

> Lock down HEAD for READ only access
>       cvs chacl -R -u tbeavers -a 
> read,nowrite,notag,nocontrol,nocreate
> main_dir/ 

You are probably better off using ACLmode=normal (in CVSROOT/config) so
that by default users do not have access so you do not need all the
'nowrite' stuff.

Please try that and use the latest 2.5.04 RC for both clients and

If the problem still exists then we can look into it.



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