[cvsnt] cvswrappers

Andy's News andysnews at southby.me.uk
Sun Oct 26 05:41:35 GMT 2008

Hi All,

I'm lookng into the idea of using the CVSNT server to determin what -k 
options to use during an add operation. I have set the server to 'Ignore 
client-side force -k options' and have modified the cvswrappers file as 

*.b.txt -k 'b'
*.B-.txt -k 'B'
*.bc.txt -k 'bc'
*.B-c.txt -k 'Bc'
*.c.txt -k 'c'
*.k.txt -k 'k'
*.kv.txt -k 'kv'
*.kvc.txt -k 'kvc'
*.kvl.txt -k 'kvl'
*.kvx.txt -k 'kvx'
*.o.txt -k 'o'
#*.* -k 'B'

With the file above all works as expected the default add for files not 
matching any of the above being -kv. I would like this default to be -kB. 
However when I remove the comment from the above file (which I believe is 
the way to do this) all files get added as -kB all the other cvswrappers 
lines get ignored! I have also tried * -k 'B' with the same results.

Am I going about this the wrong way or is this a bug?

CVSNT running on Win 2003 Server SP2
CVSNT on Win XP Pro SP3

Thanks in advance,

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