[cvsnt] Unable to access a renamed filed

Kerry, Richard richard.kerry at siemens.com
Fri Sep 5 12:41:12 BST 2008

The way that I know that keeps the old history but gives history for the
new file too is as follows.

Copy 'oldname,v' to 'newname,v' in the repository  (note copy, not move)

Cvs remove 'oldname' using a client.

Copying the original file in the repository means that it remains
available under its old name, keeping its history there.  



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> Arthur Barrett wrote:
> >> Since I have only renamed one file, is it possible of hack the
> >> repository to permanently change the file name? 
> > 
> > Yes - this is the 'old' way.  If this is the only renamed file just
> > delete the .directory_history,v before renaming the ,v file. 
> Actually, this is one of the 'old' ways; the other is remove 
> old/add new.
> The disadvantage of renaming in the repo is that checkouts 
> with tags before
> the rename still get the new file name, which may break a 
> build. (If you
> renamed a file that is referenced in other files by name, for 
> example a .c
> file that's referenced in a makefile, a .h file that's 
> included in a .c
> file, etc.)
> Gerhard
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