[cvsnt] sync-protocol questions

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Sep 30 12:58:25 BST 2008


> I disagree. The main (only?) advantage local repo replication 
> brings is
> fast arbitrary diffs, and I think there is no other way to 
> get this than to
> locally replicate.

On even a very slow network a diff could take no longer over the WAN
than locally.  When we switched to duplicated repositories in Sydney and
Manchester I noticed absolutely NO difference in the speed of a diff and
the overall speed of our link is little better than dial-up.

If your diffs are taking a long time you need to follow the same
procedure I outlined for Carsten - investigate why the diffs are slow
(both technical and procedural).

I know that by introducing the 'sync' solution many people will use it
as a bandaid to 'fix' a problem that could have been fixed with far less
effort themselves - but that's just human nature, eg: rather than
learning how to drive more economically we'll by a battery powered car
which cost billions of dollars to develop because it provides instant
gratification and requires no behaviour modification.  That doesn't make
the person 'wrong' or 'bad' or the battery powered car 'wrong' or 'bad'
- it's just life and I'll go on saying that there was nothing wrong with
the first car and people will continue to ignore me ;)


Arthur Barrett

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