[cvsnt] CVS diffs and poor links (was RE: Betr.: CVSNT to CVS)

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Thu Apr 9 11:23:13 BST 2009

Peter Crowther wrote:
> But... it depends on how you work, as you say.  Tools exist to
> support me in doing my job, and "what have I changed?" is an
> operation I wish to perform more and more frequently as I get older
> and more forgetful.  At the same time, I travel more, and that "fast,
> always-on" connection is neither fast nor always-on.  For this
> reason, I appreciate having a local copy against which I can diff,
> even when I'm on a train on a particularly rural part of the West
> Coast main line*.

That's a specific case that's quite fixable - it was something I was 
planning to work on if I get the chance.. you just need to be able have 
a copy of the original and have cvs diff smart enough to handle that 
case.  Most of the code to do it is already in cvsnt, in fact.


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