[cvsnt] Update set to wrong repository - how to fix - and other questions

Mike Kay mikekay at channelk.ca
Wed Apr 22 15:44:16 BST 2009

Greetings.  I can upload a complete repository fine, the connection works
and the upload works, but when I try to run the update command I get a
message that says /test: no such repository - which is correct - there is
no test repository, but where can I change this setting to the proper

Also - I need to be able to track how often the repository is updated,
what was changed - and who changed it. Can anybody point out to me what I
need to have setup to enable this? Then, what I use to get this

One other thing - I get an error message on start up that says Shell is
not available because Python is not installed. I did install it, version
2.6 - and it is not being recognized. How can I fix this?

Thank you very much.

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