[cvsnt] CVSNT and WinServer 2008 64Bit

Paul Crate CrateP at SESLtd.com
Wed Dec 2 09:21:42 GMT 2009


I am using the free version (2.5.04 build 3510)

I have tried with elevated permissions and this makes no difference.

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> I am in the process of building up a new server to replace my old file
> server.  I have put Windows Server 2008 64 bit on here.  I 
> can't seem to
> get CVSNT to work.  I looks like it has installed ok but when I launch
> the CPL file everything is greyed out - apart from the change options
> button.  If I press this I get an error from the Rundll32 process and
> the cpl closes.

What CVSNT Server Version are you trying?  I know the latest CVS Suite
2008 [3622] works OK.

The easist workaround is to simply run the control panel with eleveated
privs, just right click and follow the prompts...


Arthur Barrett

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