[cvsnt] How to create users and assigning access permissions to the repository..

Ravi Kumar ravi_vallavula at yahoo.co.in
Wed Feb 25 06:41:09 GMT 2009

Hi All,

This is Ravi kumar, just joined the group for CVS help.

Please provide me the information regd. creating cvs users.

Here is the information about my system...

OS: windowsXP pro
CVS: Win CVS 2.0

Using P: server

As of now, when ever we log-in by default it is taking admin's log-in, and only asking for password (we all are using the same log-in ID and password to log-in to cvs)

We work remotely, connecting to the extranet with our own user id and password. After connecting to that network, we log-in to CVS with common id (admin)and perform day to day activities.. which means all are with admin access. 

Now, inorder to log-in with our own log-in ids and password, i need to know how to create users ... with all previliges... so that history file reflects who has done the modifications...  now it shows only one user since we are loging in with that.

As i am very knew to CVS please provide me the steps to perform this task.


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