[cvsnt] val-tags Permission denied

Paul Bergin Paul.Bergin at VHI.IE
Wed Feb 25 10:25:28 GMT 2009

Any advice?
I have been able to open an ssh connection and have full access to the
val-tags file so it doesn't look like there is a permissions problems.

I also tried creating a branch on the same machine as the server and
also get the permissions error.


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>Subject: [cvsnt] val-tags Permission denied
>I am after installing cvsnt server 2.5.03 (scorpio) Build 2382 
>and I am having problems with branching.
>I have created a repository with 3 users, 2 admin and 1 normal user.
>Using wincvs ( I created a new module from the command 
>prompt with the following command 
>cvs import -m "Source" MasterRepository abc de
>This creates the module and imports all files. I can user 
>wincvs to checkout the module and it works as expected. I then 
>try create a branch in wincvs, it generates this command.
>cvs -d :pserver;username=bergin_p;hostname=computer01:/CVSRepository
>rtag -b -- PRE_PRODUCTION MasterRepository 
>The console writes out 
>"cvs rtag: Tagging ........"
>For each folder, but the last line writes out 
>cvs [rtag aborted]: cannot write D:/CVSRepository/CVSROOT/val-tags:
>Permission denied
>The val-tags file has full read\write access to all users so 
>there should not be a problem writing to this file.
>What can I do to resolve this issue?
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