[cvsnt] CVSNT and XCode

André de Brito andre.brito at evolve.pt
Sat Jan 10 10:23:14 GMT 2009

I'm using CVSNT to host XCode projects - the CVSNT server version
is for Linux and the client version is for Mac
Intel. The CVSNT server is set with permission restrictions for every
folder, however, i'm positive that my user is able to access the folder
where the projects are hosted. I'm aware that XCode doesn't support module
and project creation on CVS, so I'm adding the initial project files using
another CVS client - SmartCVS. Trying to enable SCM for an XCode project, I
was able to access the repository, but I could not checkout, import or
browse it's contents (the buttons on XCode were all grayed out) and the
access log in XCode showed a lot of errors (red cross icons) on the
performed operations (list), but no text error was specified (I only see the
red cross icons). However, I can checkout the project using SmartCVS and
then open it on XCode, where I'm able to successfully commit any changes I
made. The problem is that I'm having trouble creating new files within the
project and adding them to the repository in XCode (which I know is
supported), specifically, XCode doesn't give me an option to add the file to
the repository (the option is actually grayed out). I know this is not a
problem with XCode, as I'm able to do all those operations error-free using
a CVSdude account, so I'm quite sure this is some problem with my CVSNT
server. I was wondering if anyone has previously had this kind of problem or
if there is a known solution for it.

Thanks in advance,
André de Brito

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