[cvsnt] Bug id format?

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Sun Jan 11 12:49:35 GMT 2009

Bo Berglund wrote:

>>> I originally constructed the parsing for issue numbers for the
>>> Roundup issue tracker, but tried to make it as general as possible
>>> to enable other systems as well. I have never before heard about
>>> JIRA (have not looked either), but if that is popular I could add
>>> some instructions for that to the CVSMailer website as well...
>> Somewhat related to this... is it possible at all to place the bug
>> id (if present) into the subject line of the notification emails? 
> If you tell me how it can be extracted from the data supplied in the
> CVSNT invocation of CVSMailer.... 

In my case, there is a string in the commit comment that indicates the
bug (coming from TortoiseCVS). But I let you know when/if I find
something how to get it from CVSNT itself.

> Notice that this is similar also to the requests I have had to put
> branch tags in teh subject etc. THe problem is that every single file
> being committed can have a different tag and I guess a different
> bugid. So which one should be put in the subject? 

For my case, the first one would be ok, as would be anyone, or all of
them; we use TortoiseCVS and it only allows one bug id per commit.
(Which is a better idea anyway; I'm not sure there is a convincing case
for multiple bug ids per commit.)

> However there is a case for putting bugid:s on the individual file
> name line in the *body* of the email. 

That's also a good thing. In general, once you have it extracted, it
should be relatively easy to make it available for both subject and


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