[cvsnt] CVSNT client resets ACLs?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Jan 27 23:45:03 GMT 2009


> > The 'x' bit is the mode not the ACL.
> I am aware of this. When mentioning ACL I am talking about 
> the NT notion of an ACL, not whatever CVSNT has implemented as ACLs.

But the 'x' bit is being lost on the server RCS file - not the client,
so it's got nothing to do with NT.

> Wouldn't that mean that checking it out again causes the 
> script to become non-executable after checking it out anew? 
> Due to this mapping between NT ACLs and the file mode on the 
> CVS server/RCS file?

Yes - and that is what you are seeeing.

When CVSNT checks out the file it has nowhere to store the 'x' bit in
the NT file system so it just get's lost.

There certainly are places that CVSNT could store the x bit in some NT
file systems (like NTFS) and that is what the ntea and ntsec parameters
attempt to control - however the effectiveness varies depending on the
file system and the version of CVSNT.



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