[cvsnt] Isuses with CVSNT

Sujeeth Kamath hundikamath at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 04:10:53 GMT 2009

Hello CVS Experts,

I am having many troubles with CVSNT stable build on Nov 2008. If
any one can share his experience and help me out that will be great.I
downloaded it from here

I had wonderful experience with CVSNT 2282. It was working fine. The
hell broke loose the moment I installed

1. I did not find any control panel application in, what i found was
a application cvscontrol.exe , I installed it using cvscontrol -i and it
showd that successfully installed CVS Control Panel. But I did not find any
on my machine.

So my first question is "How to enable the CVSNT control Panel".

2. I also had the sqlite database collecting the audit information. Now when
I try the following steps this fails

1. In my client, I use tortoise CVS to update my sand box.

"Audit Trigger failed. The Database Version must be at 3 but it is at 1".

I did not make any sense of this error. I am using sqlite database 3.59

For me the critical thing is to make the control panel work.

any help is much appreciated.



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