[cvsnt] Workaround for 260 char limitation?

Carsten.Pfeiffer at gebit.de Carsten.Pfeiffer at gebit.de
Thu Nov 5 15:55:07 GMT 2009

If you use the right API, you don't have that limiation anymore.


cvsnt-bounces at cvsnt.org wrote on 05.11.2009 16:38:14:

> Nope.  This is due to Microsoft's implementation of the NTFS filesystem 
> (remember how we'd never need more than 640K of memory?)and is built 
> the filesystem (Microsoft's limit is actually 254 character from drive 
> designator to last character of file extension). 
> You don't mention your server/client setup as that would determine the 
> impact
> to your environment.

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