[cvsnt] CVS log is displaying Linux UID's instead of usernames.

Reeher, John (SMS) john.reeher at systemsmadesimple.com
Wed Nov 18 16:57:18 GMT 2009



RHEL 5 machine 


Running  samba 3.0.33 with winbind integration to a windows 2003 Domain.

Domain users access the CVS repository via SSH.


Description of Problem:


  In the change logs, the author shows up as the unix UID:   Example:
uid16782673 instead of Jbreeher.  Obviously, this is distracting to our
developers because they don't know who made the changes.


I could not find any previous posts or a resource with this specific
problem, any suggestions, tips etc on where to look at this problem?
Is there a CVSNT configuration that needs to be modified?




John B. Reeher
Systems Analyst
Systems Made Simple Inc.
315.455.3200 X 7019


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