[cvsnt] CVSNT+WINCVS again

Rodrigo racastilho at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 27 13:27:20 GMT 2009

Thanks Bo,

Indeed, my CVSROOT string was incorrect, the one you suggested is the correct one. I also had a problem with the firewall, which was solved by including cvsservice.exe as an exception in the server machine's firewall setup.

Thanks a lot for your help and interest!



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Subject: RE: [cvsnt] CVSNT+WINCVS again

Try this CVSROOT instead:

I think you have provieded a malformed CVSROOT string, 
possibly using the WinCvs CVSROOT "build" function. Don't use that!

Bo Berglund

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Subject: [cvsnt] CVSNT+WINCVS again

Hi Arthur,

Thanks for your quick reply. Here's some more info about the problem I'm having.

1) Server machine:
- Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
- CVSNT Server version 2.5.04 (Zen) Build 3510
- Repository name: '/myrepo'
- Repository root: 'C:/Repositories/myrepo'
- Computer name: asimov
- Member of Wokgroup: WORKGROUP
- CVSNT Service and CVSNT Lock Service: running

2) Client machine:
- Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3
- WinCVS (Build 4)
- Computer name: TOSHIBA
- Member of Wokgroup: WORKGROUP
- No Python nor CTL installed

3) I am trying to import a module using the following parameters in WinCVS:
Repository path: "C:\Projects\DummyProject\"
CVSROOT: ":sspi;hostname=/asimov:/myrepo"

4) The error message I get is:
cvs -d :sspi;hostname=/asimov:/myrepo import -I ! -I CVS -m "no message" -n -- C:\Projects\DummyProject\ (in directory C:\Projects\DummyProject\)
cvs [import aborted]: Connection to server failed
Error connecting to host /asimov: No such host is known. 

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,

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