[cvsnt] SSPI Authentication Problem

Emma Forrester emma.forrester at thalesgroup.com
Wed Oct 28 10:30:51 GMT 2009

I have a cvs repository set up on a Linux server that uses pam/samba 
methods to authenticate against a windows domain controller. Clients 
then use sspi to access the repository by means of domain user names and 
passwords. This usually works well but today I have hit a problem.

I can successfully complete a cvs login but not other commands like 
update, status or commit. The server shows a PAM message about 
authentication failing because of using the wrong password when these 
commands are issued. This surprises me because these commands use 
exactly the same CSVROOT as the successful login. I had assumed they are 
using the password that was validated and cached by that login. Is this 
assumption wrong?

Is there somewhere else that it could be getting this incorrect password 

Thanks for any help or advice

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