[cvsnt] v2.5.05 Registration during install issue

Moxley Curtis G MoxleyCurtisG at JohnDeere.com
Thu May 27 15:13:07 BST 2010

I'm unable to upgrade to v2.5.05 on Windows due to the registration during the install process not being able to get through our corporate firewall.  I have a valid key, but the install says it is invalid - obviously unable to connect.  Is there a way to bypass that check in the install?  I've tried various msiexec options to no avail.

If there's no way to bypass, can you tell me the destination IP address and port that the install is trying to connect to so I can request that it gets opened in our firewall temporarily?  Or, can you tell me a way to get the install working through a proxy server?

Getting to v2.5.05 is pretty important for us to get to.  v2.5.03 has security issues stated on your site and v2.5.04 is cripplingly slow - again due to the firewall and the dll registration issue that I've read about in .04.


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