Example Calling EJB's using UD5.

Enterprise Java Bean's are similar to Uniface Services. They are functions written in Java that are deployed on a J2EE compliant server, such as the BEA Weblogics Server.

This example takes you through the steps necessary to use UD5 to activate an EJB on a BEA Weblogic Server.

Evaluation versions of BEA Weblogic Server may be downloaded from:

ClientTst example.

These examples require UD5 1.00.02 or higher. In the directory where you installed UD5, the sub-directory MrchHre contains a modified version of the BEA Weblogic Server sample class examples.ejb20.basic.beanManaged.Client named ClientTst.

Perform these steps to try this example (example assumes that BEA Weblogic Server has been installed on the local machine in the BEA_HOME of e:\bea and UD5 has been installed in d:\winnt4\usys72):

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