Using 3GL functions in your application

Unless you are licensed to do so, you are not allowed to distribute any March Hare software as a part of your application to other companies or persons. Additional licenses for distribution are available at a very reasonable additional cost.

If you have purchased the UD6 Option Pack (or the full FormToolKit product), you may distribute a DLL within your organisation that has been built to NOT include the routines defined in tableau.c, generic.c, xml.c and picture.c, without additional charge. This allows you to distribute the banner, system tray, and 3GL functionality with your application at no additional cost. March Hare Pty Ltd must be acknowledged in your copyright notice, and the March Hare Pty Ltd copyright notice embedded in the DLL may not be altered.

Contact March Hare Pty Ltd for further information on licenses and their cost.

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