UD5/MW1 Error Messages

When exceptional conditions occur, the JNI/UD5 driver passes the following error codes and message to Uniface.

Error Codes:

not_implemented-1001Uniface requested a function that is not implemented in this driver
demo_expired-1021Maximum time for evaluation of UD5/JNI is has been exceeded.
cant_start_jvm-6051Cannot create Java VM.
invalid_class-6052Invalid class.
cant_find_class-6053Cannot find class.
cant_find_method-6054Cannot find (static) method.
cant_convert_string-6055Cannot convert string to UTF-8. Out of Memory?
cant_make_array-6056Cannot make argument array. Out of Memory?
java_threw_exception-6057The Java method which was called threw an exception.
java_logged_out-6058The Java virtual machine has been closed.
uicc_cant_get_data_type-6059Cannot retrieve the data type from the UICC interface.
uicc_cant_alloc_memory-6060Cannot allocate memory for the UICC driver.
uicc_cant_get_data_len-6061Cannot get the length of the parameter for the UICC driver.
uicc_cant_get_data-6062Cannot retrieve/get the data from the UICC interface.
uicc_cant_free_data-6063Cannot free data from the UICC interface.
no_constructor-6064Cannot find constructor for this class.
cant_make_instance-6065Cannot create an instance of this class.
uicc_cant_put_data-6066Cannot put data into Uniface result variable.
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