Step by Step guide to using UD6/CMtool driver and Uniface with Git, BitBucket and GitHub Desktop

Git, BitBucket and GitHub Desktop

BitBucket from Atlassian and GitHub Enterprise from GitHub are Git Servers that can be hosted on your own hardware or more commonly in the cloud. GitHub Desktop is a graphical client for synchronising your local changes with the remote server.

UD6 v3.1 includes integration with GitHub and GitHub enterprise within the Uniface IDE, see GitHub with Uniface 10/9/8 for more information.

Compatibility settings for Git with UD6

Git assumes all text files are UTF8 unless specified otherwise, however UD6 XML files are encoded based on standard Uniface 7/8/9 encodings like ISO-8859-1. The XML file contains the details of the encoding as per the XML standard, however GitHub desktop and Git itself ignore this standard and require that Git customers create .gitattributes files to declare the encoding of XML files like UD6 files.

To ensure compatibility with Git you should create or modify your .gitattributes files to include:

*.xml    text working-tree-encoding=iso-8859-1

More information about using UD6 with Git, BitBucket and GitHub Desktop will be added here in future.

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