Use this routine to retrieve a page from the internet. The page may be up to 2Mb in size, and the URL up to 2Kb in size.



$53="" ; optionally contains the IP address of $51 if DNS resolution fails

perform "_mhhttpget"

dummye1=$54 ; result returned in $54


This function is available for all Windows and Unix platforms supported by Uniface.

Some versions of Uniface may truncate the size of the register.

Alternative Signature Definition (Uniface 7.2/8.2):

short httpwebget2(unsigned char *inServer, 

				  unsigned char *inServerIP, 

				  unsigned char *inURL, 

				  char *inpszStore)

inpszStore is the result and should be large enough to take the result from the web server. The size is never checked, so the driver may crash if the string is not large enough. This version does not have the 2MB/2Kb limit that the perform version (above) has.

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