How to install and configure Form ToolKit version 1.3

After you use the installation program to install the tool into your Uniface installation you need to perform the following additional activities:

1.Modify your configuration file (usys.ini) to load the tableau.dll.

Find the configuration file in your Uniface installation:

Uniface VersionDirectory of Configuration File
SixC:\windows\usys61.ini or

In the [uniface_dlls] section (version Six [dlls] section) add tableau.dll to the end of the demandload line (you may need to specify the full path eg: c:\usys72\bin\tableau.dll).

If you are using a INI file specified from the command line (eg: idf /ini=c:\7205.ini) then you may wish to use the [userdlls] section instead.

In the [help] section, add the line:


2.Modify your usys.asn file.

The following lines must appear in your assignment file in the [FILES] section, to tell the IDF where to find the TRX file and the source code.

Depending on the version of Uniface that you are using, you may already have the first line.


3.Load the Uniface signatures and source code.

In order to use the pre-compiled .frm files that were installed you need to load the matching signatures into your repository. If you have purchased the non-demo version of the tools you may also load in the source code.

To do this alter your IDF shortcut to include a ? at the end of the command line, eg:

C:\usys72\bin\idf.exe ?

Now when you start this shortcut, Uniface will present a small dialog box for you to enter some parameters.

Enter the following:

/cpy trx:usys:agbfindo.trx idf:

Congratulations !.

You have now installed the March Hare Form Paint Tableau Search tool for Uniface.

For all support and enquiry’s please contact:

March Hare Pty Ltd

P.O. Box 265
Church Point, NSW, 2105


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