The following section describes the use of the SQL proc statement in conjunction with the UD8 driver.


There are two types of DML string supported:

If the DML string begins with a colon ":" it specifies the filename for a table.

If the DML string does not begin with a colon it specifies a single driver parameter.

Before calling sql with the ud8 driver you should always close the path.


close "$ud8"

sql ":CUSTOMER:create:c:\cus.csv","$ud8"

Specify a filename for a table

The filename string is divided into 3 parts, separated by the colon ":".



sql ":CUSTOMER:create:c:\cus.csv","$ud8"


sql ":CUSTOMER:open:c:\cus.csv","$ud8"

If the openmode is ‘create’, then when the file is opened any existing contents of the file will be deleted.

Specify a new setting for a parameter

All parameters described in the parameters help page are supported, however most will have undesirable site effects if the path is not closed first.


sql "heading disable","$ud8"
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