SQL Workbench

The SQL workbench is accessible from within the IDF. By setting the PATH to $UD5, and entering and sending a string to the driver you can alter any parameter dynamically, eg:

@classpath y:\bizclass;h:\ud5

Or run any operating system command, eg:

!bcvs checkout uform\add001.XML

Or activate a java class, eg:



Java class and method names are case sensitive.

If you are using UD5 with Polyserver, the shell command or Java class will be activated on the server, not on the client, so ensure that any directory specifications (including classpath) are valid for the server.

The shell command never returns any result to the SQL Workbench.

Parameters to Java methods are always of type String when called from the SQL workbench.

You may need to set the method type (static or not), and return type before activating it. For instance, if you have a Java method defined as: public static int VAL(String a), you would call it by firstly setting the driver options:

@return-type I

Press the "SQL" button on the workbench to set these options, then enter:


And press the "SQL" button to activate the method.

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