UD6 Error Messages

When exceptional conditions occur, the UD6/XML-IDF driver passes the following error codes and message to Uniface. Many of these errors are also reported with a message from the operating system that may give a stronger indication of what caused the condition to arise.

Error Codes:

not_implemented-1001Uniface requested a function that is not implemented in this driver
not_capable-1002Logon information is not available.
cant_open-1003Cannot open file
cant_close-1004Cannot close file
write_error-5005Write error on file
read_error-5006Read error on file
seek_error-1007Seek error on file
read_eof-5008End of File
cant_append-1009Cannot append to file
cant_unlock-1010Cannot unlock file
filenotexist-1011File does not exist
update_error-1012Update Error
at_eof-1013At End of File, not attempting requested operation
realloc_error-1014Could not increase buffer size.
read2many-5015The record found in the file has more fields than Uniface indicates that it should have.
malloc_error-1016Could not create buffer this size.
pkey_error-1017Update Error - Primary key already exists. Use nokeycheck to turn this feature off.
not_implemented_pra-1018Cannot implement this function when using PRA. Use nopra to turn this feature on.
delete_error-1019Delete Error
seek_end_fail-1020Failed to seek the end of a file (usually write)
demo_expired-1021Maximum operations for demo exceeded, demo version of UD8/CSV is limited to 100 operations or a PRA of 100, whichever occurs first.
failhit_error-1022Fetch failed while trying to find a hit (fetch mode 0).
notexist_error-1023Fetch could not find a matching record.
getpos_error-5024fgetpos returned an error.
begin_endrec_error-1025Could not add beginning or end of record tag (usually realloc)
begin_endfld_error-1026Could not add beginning or end or field tag (usually realloc)
writetrail_error-1027Write error of trailer on file
read_nomatch-1028Unexpected tag has no closing.
owrite_error-5029Write error on overflow file (generic - any number of reasons)
nopra_joined-1030Fetch by PRA not allowed for joined tables.
owrite_nostrt-5031Write error on overflow file (no start)
owrite_nomtch-5032Write error on overflow file (no match)
owrite_ffld-5033Write error on overflow file (find final field)
owrite_data-5034Write error on overflow file (find <data>)
owrite_datagt-5035Write error on overflow file (find next tag after <data>)
owrite_wprec-5036Write error on overflow file (fputs pRec)
owrite_wbkp-5037Write error on overflow file (fputs backup)
cant_openj-1038Cannot open joined file
cant_closej-1039Cannot close joined file
compare_fail-1040the record read does not match the WHERE LIST
badtag_error-5041Read error on file, got bad tag
text_error-5042Read error on file, got text
wrong_field-5043Read error on file, wrong field
noent_error-5044Read error on file, no entity, got field
stok_error-5045Read error on file, strtok()
size_exceeded-1046Size for parameter exceeded
dirlstfail-1047Directory listing failed
nopolyserver-1048Polyserver cannot be used with DEMO driver
mmfsearch-1049MMF Search failed to find entity in file
mmfnouglyph-1050Cannot store UGLYPH or UCSDIA when USYS$UD6_PARAMS=notrx.
no_write_lock-1068Cannot re-open file for write / cannot lock.

Also see MMF Errors .

MMF Error Messages

When exceptional low level I/O and memory error conditions occur, the UD6/CMtool driver passes the following error codes and message directly to the Uniface message frame.

mmfpadUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (001)
openFileMMFUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (setvbuf) Can't buffer this file.
openFileMMFUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (007)
addCNXUD: MMF: Unexpected mode
addCNXUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory.(002)
addCNXUD: MMF: TableName Larger than expected !!
addCNXUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (003)
addCNXUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (setvbuf 1) Can't buffer this file.
mmfbackupUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (906)
mmfbackupUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (907)
flushToDiskUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (004)
flushToDiskUD: MMF: ERROR: No more file handles to write.
growTheFileUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (005)
addMMFUD: MMF: Commit now, number of open files nearing limit.
addMMFUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (006)
addMMFUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (008)
str2lUD: MMF: WARNING: Low Memory. (009)
UNABLE_TO_REOPENCUD: MMF: Unable to re-open file after commit.
UNABLE_TO_REOPENWUD: MMF: Unable to re-open %s (fp=%d) for write (mode:%s).
UNABLE_TO_REOPENUD: MMF: Unable to re-open file (typically rollback).

Also see UD6 Errors .

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