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Read and Write Comma Separated Files in Uniface
Using the UD8/CSV Driver you can read and write CSV files from Uniface as easily as any other data source, plus you can dynamically assign the filename.
  Whether it be reading CSV files from products like Microsoft Excel, or creating data files for use with Sybase BCP or Oracle SQL*Loader, Uniface projects inevitably require a solution to be found. March Hare have taken advantage of the Uniface Database Connector API to provide the simplest most efffective way of transferring delimited text files (comma separated files) to and from Uniface.

Since our solution is built as a Uniface driver, it is supported on all current, past and future versions of Uniface. It also means that you have access to the full functionality of a database. Read records based on a selection profile (eg: read u_where (field1="A") ).

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2299 per site (unix)
Support 15% per annum.
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  Available for Uniface Six, Seven and Eight
Using UD8, any Uniface application from Uniface Six onwards can read and write comma separated files.

Simple and yet flexible solution

Records can be read and/or written with the same ease as you read and write records from any other database with Uniface. Customising the UD8/CSV driver to read your format of file is as simple as setting USYS$UD8_PARAMS in your assignment file. Some of the many formats supported:

  • Delimited text (including comma separated, tab separated etc)
  • Quoted fields
  • Fields quoted by data type
  • Embedded quotes delimited by backslash (" mary had a \"little\" lamb")
  • Embedded quotes delimited by two quotes (" mary had a ""little"" lamb")

Client and Server mode
The driver can be installed on your Uniface client computers, or Uniface Polyserver or Usserver, on all supported platforms of Uniface.

Ready today
The March Hare UD8/CSV Driver for Uniface is a commercial solution ready to meet your production requirements today. Don't be caught designing a building a solution from the beginning and having to supoprt it as Uniface changes. March Hare are the leading supplier of 3rd party Uniface drivers and our solutions "simply work".

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