Configuration files - ASN file (for CM Synergy)

An assignment file was set up to redirect the other entities, as follows:


;*    Polyserver Template Assignment File     *

;* Generated on: Mon Feb  3 17:21:00 EDT 2003 *





;Set variations and user options


$putmess_logfile    ./server.txt

;Uncomment next line for Japanese environment



;Set up default path to driver assignments

$HPUX ORA:ud6orcl|uniface|developer

$UD6  UD6:



$IDF  $UD6



; Donít store temporary data in XML







; Improve performance by leaving these entities out




; Donít store UGLYPH in NLS UD6



; Redundant entity



; Final catch-all for IDF dictionary

*.dict              $idf:ccm_wa/ccmdb/formula-1.1/formula/sources/other.dir/*.*

;*.dict   $IDF:UX_*.*

*.printer           $DEF:UD6_*.*

*.text              $UUU:UD6_*.*

*.FORMULA1    $DEF:*.*

*.FORMULA    $DEF:*.*


*.aps	ccm_wa/ccmdb/formula-1.1/formula/aps/*.aps

*.frm	ccm_wa/ccmdb/formula-1.1/formula/frm/*.frm

*.pro	ccm_wa/ccmdb/formula-1.1/formula/pro/*.pro

*.rpt	ccm_wa/ccmdb/formula-1.1/formula/rpt/*.rpt

*.svc  	ccm_wa/ccmdb/formula-1.1/formula/svc/*.svc


USYS$ORA_PARAMS = dpa,dhfr,dc,oc 200

USYS$UD6_PARAMS = xmlschema ie5, mmf files 1024, mmf binary font 51 encoding ISO-8859-1, notrx , config /home/ud6/settings, hyphen comma, xdrname xdrschema

This ASN file uses file specifications relative to the current working directory. This is the final ASN after the sources were imported into CM Synergy and a work area created.

The nokeycheck parameter must be removed after doing the initial repository load, otherwise the driver will not work correctly.

This assignment file assumes that only the Uniface source code is being stored using UD6/CMtool Driver, not temporary records, or Ďcompiledí source (e.g.: UOBJ).

WARNING: If you have a USYS$UD6_PARAMS specified in both a local ASN file and the usys.asn file, the settings in the usys.asn file override the local assignment file.

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