Start CM Synergy and Migrate

Start CM Synergy on a server with an X11 window interface (alternatively the command line can be used):

$ ccm start –d /usr/local/ccmdb

Press the “Migrate” button on the CM Synergy Project View and enter the location of the files to be migrated. Type in the name of the project and a version ,eg: “Formula–1.0”. NOTE: there may be problems if your work area is too deep and/or the project name contains spaces. March Hare recommend a project name without spaces and a “short” directory path for the work area (see section on work area below).

A methodology to Uniface source code control
Configuration information for CM Synergy / Continuus CM
Taking control in CM Synergy
Releasing a form using CM Synergy
Checking a form in using CM Synergy
Adding a form using CM Synergy
Finding the differences in versions using CM Synergy
Problems when using CM Synergy

UD6 Overview

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