Preview Migrate

Press the “Preview” button on the Migrate screen:

NOTE: Ensure that the XML files have the “Type” xml and the compiled files have the “Type” binary.

If you are satisfied with the preview – press “Load”.

If the Migrate is successful you can look in the directory “tree” for the working copy of the files:

cd /opt/uniface/ccmwa/formula-1.0/formula/sources



STANDARD.dir	SYSENV.dir	UVCS.dir	applications.dir

components.dir	dtd.dir	globals.dir	

Check in “Migrate” Task to complete

To complete the migration use the “right click” menu to check in all tasks for Formula-1.0. This will move the project from the “prep” to “released” state.

Set Polyserver to use the “working area” and remove the “migrate” area

The files in the /opt/uniface/ud6 directory are now no longer required and can be deleted.

You will need to alter the joins file and the server.asn file to “point’ to the new working area directories:

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Taking control in CM Synergy
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Checking a form in using CM Synergy
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UD6 Overview

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