2.Modify your usys.asn file.

You must modify both the [SETTINGS] and [DRIVER_SETTINGS] portion of your assignment file.

It is important to correctly configure these settings to obtaim the best performance from UD6.


The correct value for $MAXFILES will depend on your operating system and configuration.

Operating System Value
Windows 95 In your config.sys file on the startup disk, there should be a line FILES=nn. The $MAXFILES parameter should be the same value. If no value exists, set it to 255 in both your assignment file and config.sys file..
Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 8/8.1, 2012, 10, 2016 To determine the maximum number of open files, enter this command from an account with Administrator privilege:

net config server

Unix Consult your kernel parameters
VMS Consult the SYSUAF setting.

NOTE: It is not usually practical to set $MAXFILES any higher than 2048. Uniface 7.2.06 does not allow this setting to be any larger than 9999.

Setting $MAXFILES too low will result is slow performance, setting it too high will result in too much memory consumption. On windows a setting of 1024 is typical.


The following line must appear in your assignment file in the [DRIVER_SETTINGS] section to define which options the UD6/CMtool driver should enable. Uniface Six assignment files are often not broken into sections, in this case this line can appear anywhere in the assignment file.

USYS$UD6_PARAMS = option pack mhgfp140.dll, mmf files 255, config h:\uniface\usys72\bin\

NOTE: the mmf files setting cannot be greater than the $MAXFILES setting, and is dependent on the amount of available memory. For a details of the mmf files setting please see the Settings Reference.

The config setting specifies where UD6/CMtool driver should find its configuration files (joins, overflows and binary). By default these files are installed into the same directory that the DLL is installed in. For UD6/CMtool to operate correctly you must ensure that the pathname is correct in the assignment file.

Steps to installing UD6

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Step 5 Initialise the UD6/CMtool repository.
Step 6 Prepare repository export.
Step 7 Import repository into UD6/CMtool.
Step 9 Uniface 10.2.2 Example.

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