7. Import repository into UD6/CMtool.

Perform these actions from within the IDF that you created in step 5.

Use the Utilities/Import function from the pulldown menu to import the source code from the TRX file that you just created. Alternatively you can use the command line:

/cpy trx:mybackup.trx idf:

NOTE: If you are upgrading versions of Uniface at the same time as setting up UD6, and you previously loaded the Uniface Meta-Dictionary, you will need to delete it and install the Meta-Dictionary that was supplied with you newer version of Uniface. To do this perform the following steps:

cd sources\tables
del dict-*.xml
del ucvs-*.xml
del sysenv-*.xml
del printer-*.xml
cd ..\sub-types
del *-dict-*.xml
del *-ucvs-*.xml
del *-sysenv-*.xml
del *-printer-*.xml

Now start the IDF with the following command line options:

/ins meta

For detailed instructions on using UD6/Cmtool Driver with various Configuration Management or Version Control Tools, please see the article:

How to use the driver with a configuration management solution

Congratulations !.

You have now installed the March Hare UD6/CMTOOL driver for Uniface.

For all support and enquiry's please contact us at: support@march-hare.com

March Hare Software Limited

85 - 87 Bayham Street
Camden Town, London NW1 0AG
United Kingdom


Steps to installing UD6

Step 3 UD6 configuration files.
Step 4 Modify ASN [PATHS] and [ENTITIES].
Step 5 Initialise the UD6/CMtool repository.
Step 6 Prepare repository export.
Step 7 Import repository into UD6/CMtool.

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