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What's New in UD6 2.1.05

UD6 2.1.05 is the current production release as of October 2013. It incorporates many refinements suggested by customers since the release of UD6 1.03, and continues support for the latest releases of Uniface and SCM/CM tools.

If you are currently using a version of UD6 prior to 1.03 (non-beta) then you must first upgrade to UD6 1.3.xx before upgrading to UD6 2.1.

New to UD6 2.1.05 are:

New to UD6 2.1.03 are:

New to UD6 Option Pack 2.1.01 are:

March Hare appreciate any feedback that you have regarding this release. Please send feedback to: support@march-hare.com

Recommendations for new users:

New users should use UD6 2.1.05 as your first installation.

Recommendations for existing users:

Existing users should plan to upgrade to UD6 2.1.05 as soon as possible. If you anticipate migrating after June 2004 then you should use UD6 1.3.15 or later until you are able to migrate to 2.1.05.

Migration for users of UD6 1.03

UD6 2.1 has different default settings than UD6 1.03 so it may be necessary to alter the USYS$UD6_PARAMS in your ASN file to ensure that UD6 2.1 behaves similar to UD6 1.03. Refer to the ASN Settings for Upgrading for details.

If you are using the UD6 Option Pack and intend to use the MAKE / Buld Management features then it will be necessary to check out all forms and compile them to create the initial Makefile. You can use the USYS$UD6_PARAMS=makefiles setting to specify various options.

Migration for users of UD6 1.02 and UD6 1.03 Beta 1, 2 and 3:

There are two migration paths for moving your source code from earlier versions of UD6:

March Hare strongly recommend migrating your existing setup and functionality - not the new features, unless one of the new features is particularly helpful for your installation.


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