Configuration files - ASN file (for eChange Man)

An assignment file was set up to redirect the other entities, as follows:







usys:idf.aps        usys:..\ud\idf.aps

usys:ur*.svc        usys:..\ud\ur*.svc

usys:uu*.svc        usys:..\ud\uu*.svc

usys:uu*.frm        usys:..\ud\uu*.frm

usys:uv*.frm        usys:..\ud\uv*.frm

usys:idf*.frm       usys:..\ud\idf*.frm

usys:pv*.frm        usys:..\ud\pv*.frm

usys:usys*.frm      usys:usys*.frm

usys:*.dis          usys:*.dis

usys:*.dsc          usys:*.dsc

usys:*.trx          usys:..\trx\*.trx

usys:udbg.aps       usys:udbg.aps

udbg:udbg*.frm      usys:udbg*.frm

gpm.aps             usys:..\usys\gpm.aps

*.frm               usys:..\project\*.frm

*.svc               usys:..\project\*.svc

*.rpt               usys:..\project\*.rpt

*.aps               usys:..\project\*.aps









; Dont store temporary data in XML

USTMP.DICT    $uuu:usys:..\project\USTMP.*

ULANA.DICT    $uuu:usys:..\project\ULANA.*

*.sysenv            usys:*.*

*.dict              $ud6:\sources\other\*.*








;MANAGER = ...

;PATHS = ...



This will work regardless of what the current working directory is. Alternatively it is possible to make the file specifications relative to the current working directory. The added lines, and altered sections are shown in BLACK and the lines that already existed in the default asn file are shown in GREY. For the purposes of this demonstration, the default directory of the shortcut used to start the IDF should be m:\ (the drive where the sources have been loaded).

The nokeycheck parameter must be removed after doing the initial repository load, otherwise the driver will not work correctly.

This assignment file assumes that only the Uniface source code is being stored using UD6/CMtool Driver, not temporary records, or ‘compiled’ source (e.g.: UOBJ).

WARNING: If you have a USYS$UD6_PARAMS specified in both a local ASN file and the usys.asn file, the settings in the usys.asn file override the local assignment file.

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