Using an INUSE per developer or team

One way, with eChange Man, to use different INUSE files for each developer or team (so they can only see the changes THEY are making, not other peoples changes) is by using the listdir parameter to point to different files.

The listdir parameter setting in USYS$UD6_PARAMS, can be used to name the ‘inuse’ file anything. So, for instance, it would be possible to have a separate inuse file for each developer, then use the %vcsuser% batch variable in the eChange Man script. It is equally possible to use the %vcsproject% variable to name the ‘inuse’ file the same as a project, then allow any developer using that project to specify that inuse file, eg:

For example: the script for BridalDev could be:

set p1=\dev\%vcsuser% 

set p2=%from_dir%\%vcsfile%

set p3=n:%to_dir%\%vcsfile%

add2list -rC:\dev;C:\echangeman %p1% %p2% %p3%

This technique has its drawbacks, since no two developers or projects or teams could have the same file booked out (which may not be good practice anyway).

It is even possible for the SQL Workbench to be used to change the ‘inuse’ file being used, in the middle of an IDF session eg:

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