Creating a Reference Copy

The cvs import operation effectively re-creates the p:\nettest\sources directory tree under configuration control. However in addition to requiring a ‘checked in’ version, we also require a machine readable (or ‘reference’) copy of the source code.

If this was not done, even though you may be able to read the ‘form’ you are working on, you could not reference the application model definitions or include procs etc. Some source code managers (like PVCS) automatically can create a reference directory, however CVS and many others can be ‘taught’ to (see Keeping a checked out copy in the cvs help file).

To create an initial read-only checked out copy, execute the following commands:


md p:\nettest\source

cd p:\nettest\source

cvs -r checkout .

Taking Control

Taking control
Directory structure
Import to the CM Tool
Keeping the Reference Copy up to date
Final Directory Structure

How to use the driver with a configuration management solution (cont.)

Releasing a form
Checking a form in
Releasing a form and application model
Releasing registers
Adding a form
Merging code changes
Final notes

UD6 Overview
A methodology to Uniface source code control

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