Keeping the Reference Copy up to date

This reference area or checked out area must always be kept up to date with the most recent committed copy of the source code. It is also possible to keep several of these, perhaps for source code at different ‘levels’.

Secondly the UD6/CMTOOL driver needs to know where files are being kept that are NOT in the ‘reference’ area. A configuration file called inuse (the filename and directory that this file is kept in can be specified in the assignment file, see the parameter listdir in the USYS$UD6_PARAMS help topic).

To simplify these two actions that need to take place at check-in, March Hare Pty Ltd provide 2 utilities for automating these tasks, add2list.exe and del2list.exe.

Updating inuse and the reference copy on update

Updating inuse and the reference copy on checkout

Taking Control

Taking control
Directory structure
Import to the CM Tool
Creating a Reference Copy
Keeping the Reference Copy up to date
Final Directory Structure

How to use the driver with a configuration management solution (cont.)

Releasing a form
Checking a form in
Releasing a form and application model
Releasing registers
Adding a form
Merging code changes
Final notes

UD6 Overview
A methodology to Uniface source code control

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