del2list(int argc, ...)

int del2list( int argument-count, char * name-and-path-of-list-file, 

char * complete-name-and-path-of-deleted-file, 

char * optional-seconds-to-wait,

char * optional-default-directory,

char * optional-command-to-perform,

char * optional-parameter-to-command ... )

The first two (2) parameters are strictly for the purposes of maintaining the inuse file. The other parameters facilitate keeping a ‘reference’ copy of the contents of the configuration management tool up to date.

Refer to the documentation for del2list.exe for more information on the particular parameters.


del2list(3, "-rM:\", "m:\inuse", __EventFQPWorkfile__);

For more information about the INUSE file please see:

INUSE file format Format of the file for ‘checked out’ files.
USYS$UD6_PARAMS Actual driver parameters from assignment file.
SQL Workbench For use with running operating system commands and updating parameters during an IDF session

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