USYS$UD6_PARAMS US-ASCII characters only, UGLYPH stored with UD6

The following settings should be used with UD6 if your source code only includes US ASCII characters, or you want to store UGLYPH with UD6.

Uniface will always correctly show your national characters when your source is stored with UD6.

These settings govern whether your version control/source control will also be able to see your national characters. This is important if you have a lot of text in your application that uses national characters, and you want to be able to clearly manage changes to it with source control.

These settings will enable your source code to support UGLYPH and ASCII text:

USYS$UD6_PARAMS=mmf files nnn

The following additional options may be used as well:

config c:\usys72\settingsSet a directory for the configuration files (joins,ofields,renamedirs etc)
xsl ie5Automatically generate stylesheets for viewing XML files with Internet Explorer 5 or higher.
option pack c:\usys72\bin\mhgfp140.dllDecode and store the Form Paint Tableau of all Uniface Form Components into XML.
nosplashDisable the startup banner
step size 0Disable the hitlist
nokeycheckPerformance improvement for initial import only
plink enablePerformance improvement for unix only
mallopt mxfast 64 nlblks 200Performance improvement for unix only

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