USYS$UD6_PARAMS Backward compatibility with UD6 1.02 and UVCS

Users upgrading to UD6 1.03 from earlier versions should read the What's New in UD6 1.03 section.

Users crossgrading from UVCS should read the How To: Guide UVCS Migration.

UVCS crossgrades, and UD6 1.02 compatibility require that you use certain USYS$UD6_PARAMS settings in your ASN file, and also that you use a different joins file.

Remove the joins file that was installed with UD6 1.03, and replace it with your original joins file, or if you are crossgrading from UVCS rename the additional\joins.uvcs file joins.

These settings will enable the UD6 1.02/UVCS compatibility mode:

USYS$UD6_PARAMS=mmf files nnn, newsubtypes disable

The following additional options may be used as well:

noemptytrig disableDisable feature for UD6 1.02.21 users
boldv1 Disable feature for UD6 1.02.21 users
boldv2 Disable feature for users of UD6 prior to version 1.02.45
goldv2 Disable feature for users of UD6 prior to version 1.02.38
newsubtypesb2 Enable compatibility for UD6 1.03 Beta 2 users
config c:\usys72\settingsSet a directory for the configuration files (joins,ofields,renamedirs etc)
xsl ie5Automatically generate stylesheets for viewing XML files with Internet Explorer 5 or higher.
option pack c:\usys72\bin\mhgfp140.dllDecode and store the Form Paint Tableau of all Uniface Form Components into XML.
nosplashDisable the startup banner
step size 0Disable the hitlist
nokeycheckPerformance improvement for initial import only
plink enablePerformance improvement for unix only
mallopt mxfast 64 nlblks 200Performance improvement for unix only

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