Problem 18

Compiling form migrated from Uniface 5, IDF crashes during phase 4 of compile.

If you are compiling a form migrated from Uniface 5 (it may even have been migrated some time ago), unexpected crashes may occur due to invalid tag strings in the form paint tableau.

Using Uniface 5 it was possible to label a field with a ".entityname" suffix. This is illegal in Uniface 6 and higher, and can cause unexpected crashes.

This can be easily corrected by removing the ".entityname" suffix using a text editor like notepad.exe (on windows).

The format of the form paint tableau in your XML file is very different depending on whether you are using the UD6 Option Pack or not.

E.g. (with UD6 Option Pack):

<screenitem  frame-type="F" label="REBDETEE_LBL.REBDETEE"  line-number="4"  column-number="3"  width="20"  height="1"  color="56"  inverse="Y"  />

NOTE: If you have access to a tool that can search text files for regular expressions (like WinGREP), you can use the following regular expression to match all files that have illegal field tags:

^\<screenitem  frame-type=\"F\" label=\".*\..*\"

E.g. (without UD6 Option Pack):


The suffix was ignored by Uniface 5, and can be safely removed without effecting the functionality of the form.

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