How to upgrade and configure UD6/CMtool Driver for Uniface 10

This guide is for customers who currently use UD6 with Uniface NINE who are upgrading to UNIFACE 10.

If you are upgrading UD6 and already using Uniface TEN, and want to stay with Uniface TEN (or perform a 'point upgrade', eg: Uniface 10.3.01 to 10.3.02) then please refer to Uniface Minor Upgrade guide.

If you are new to UD6, and this is your first UD6 install, use the Installing UD6/CMtool Driver guide instead.

Step 1 You should first become familiar with the new features of UD6 and the upgrade path that is best for you.
Step 2 Run the UD6 installer executable, and when prompted for an installation directory choose the directory where you have Uniface installed (eg: E:\Uniface_10-3-02\common\).
Step 3 Alter the [USER_3GL] section in the usyscom:adm\dbms.asn file, eg:
; assuming the install directory is E:\Uniface_10-3-02\common\
Step 4 Alter the USYS$UD6_PARAMS in your ASN file as described in the ASN Settings for Upgrading guide and the What's new in UD6 3.1 ( guide.
Step 5

If using Uniface 10 userver, this is not currently supported with UD6 and Uniface 10.

Step 6

Unlike all previous versions of Uniface, for Uniface 10 you will need to export your repository using the current Uniface IDF, then re-import to Uniface 10 configured with the default SQLite repository while it performs its migration. Once the Uniface 10 migration is complete you can then export the repository and import it to Uniface 10 with UD6 and delete the 'temporary' SQLite repository database.

For an export from a UD6 Uniface Repository to work correctly you must specify some additional settings in your ASN file USYS$UD6_PARAMS. These settings are:

USYS$UD6_PARAMS=performance 239, etc etc

The Uniface 9 meta models should be deleted before exporting, or deleted after importing including all associated relationships, tables and sub-types:

  • DICT
  • UVCS
  • TEXT


Step 7 Alter the [PATHS] section in the usyscom:adm\dbms.asn file, eg:
; Path to the SQLite database for the Uniface Repository:
$DBMS        SLE:C:\project\dbms\usys.db
; Path to the SQLite database for User defined data:
$DBMS_DEF    SLE:C:\project\dbms\userdata.db

;$SYS    $DBMS
;$UUU    $DBMS
;$IDF    $DBMS

$UD6 = UD6:

$IDF = $UD6
$UUU = $UD6
$SYS = $UD6
Step 8

When the import has completed, perform a global compile.

You can optionally import the new Uniface 10.3 meta models.

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