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lecadre lecadre at gmx.de
Sat Jun 1 11:56:51 BST 2002


On my computer Windows 2000 i running. I for sure have admnistrative
rights on the box.
I downloaded today the cvsnt windows install(.exe). (Build57d)
I proceeded exactly like described on

The installation fails on point 8 of the installation instruction.
Go back to the first tab and click the Start button. After a few moments
the Stop button will be highlighted. Now CVSNT runs. You might have
trouble here (I did not check this) with the path variable change
needing a reboot to register. (Check this by opening a command window
and type path (enter). Look for c:\programs\cvsnt in the list that
appears. If it is there you don't have to reboot...)

After a few attempts i started the service explorer (control
panel->Administrativ tools->Services) and tried to start the the cvs for
nt service in the explorer view.
 What i get is a warning window with the message "Could not start the
CVS for NT service on Local Computer
The service did not return an error.....

Pleace Help!
Sincerely Eryk

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