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lecadre lecadre at gmx.de
Sat Jun 1 15:28:32 BST 2002

I am now dalayed at point 9 of the
http://w1.858.telia.com/~u85831169/InstallCVSNT.html   CVS Installation

C:\home\wolski >cvs passwd -a wolski
Adding user wolski at NB-WOLSKI
New password: ****
Verify password: ****
cvs [server aborted]: Only administrators can add users
cvs passwd: invalid data from cvs server

This happens when i am logged in as an user who belongs to the
administrator group.
When i am logged in as administrator i am getting the following error.
"could not connect to named pipe on remot machine error 1231"

I waiting for tipps, ideas or and suggestions.


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