[Cvsnt] Trouble building cvsnt-

Polymath polymath at prodigy.net
Mon Jun 3 19:40:14 BST 2002

I'm using Visual Studio 6, service pack 5, with a februalry 2001 Platform

I had a wicked time compiling the thing, until I realized the stuff I needed
was in the prerelease directory of the Platform SDK.

Now the problem I have is I can't find a krb5.h and a gssapi/gssapi.h so the
gserver protocol and ms2mit directories won't build, and the cvsnt directory
won't build lacking the gserver protocol library.

I turned off the GSSAPI and KRB5 switches in Windows-NT/config.h, and was
able to get it to build finally, but I'd prefer to have kerberos in there.

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?



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